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Our perceptions are built up from raw sensory input, which would be unintelligible if directly accessed.  The processing is adequately reliable in most circumstances but not always. The viewer of my art is often made aware of this gap between raw sensory input and our constructed reality.  Visual illusions can be intriguing, or at times uncanny.  But illusions, stemming from our experiences and available information, can also dangerously distort our social and interpersonal worlds.

I am inspired by the intricacy of the natural forms within and around us.  Across broad differences in scale and material, simple repetitive units form complex, often networked, and even biomorphic or biologic structures. Geometric forms and patterns underly nature and life.

I work in several different media, all of which are informed by the interests just mentioned.  In addition to painting, I have developed two unusual practices: The first, which I refer to as "Reflect/Spirit/Light" (R/S/L) start with prints of my photographs of patterns and objects. These prints are rephotographed through clear acrylic models of one of the five Platonic solids.  These second step images are archivally printed on laser cut mirrored, clear or opaque, sheet acrylic pieces. The final shaped and reflective, photographs  convey the illusion of solid forms. This sense is augmented by unconventional, off the wall, mounting.  I intend for these to also be read as abstractions, with the starting photograph appearing within the polyhedron in fragmented and distorted form.  In recent years I have been exploring construction of sculptural objects from these images.

Another practice consists of hand weaving of painted string or cord.  Starting with woven grid armatures, I introduce curves and shapes, by cutting at spots, overpainting regions, or surrounding one shape by another, etc.  I experience the final works as abstract paintings or objects, with heft and texture. I work towards a sense of networked pattern and flow, which to me recall the universal forms of the natural world. 


As a student, Laurence took several elective art studio courses which galvanized his lifelong passion for making art.   Following a long career as a physician and scientist, Laurence committed to shifting his focus to art full time around 2014.  Hi pursued this interest as a student at California Institute of the Arts, in San Francisco, and earned a MFA in 2018. 

While never intending to reference his prior occupation, Laurence's sense of beauty has been influenced by looking at cells and tissues through microscopes, and at technical information presented as inventive and visually striking diagrams.  Personal themes in Elias’ work are noticeable, as expressive organic patterns emerge from ordered geometric starting points. More importantly though, Laurence intends his art to elicit magical, transporting, or uncanny states of mind. He considers such inner experiences as essential. 



Born in Brooklyn, NY; Currently resides and works in Berkeley, CA.


  • California College of the Arts,  M.F.A., 2018 

  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Visual Arts, UC Berkeley

Extension, San Francisco, 2016 

  • Art Coursework and Workshops (1966-2016):  

    • U.C. Berkeley Extension

    • Stanford University 

    • Kala Institute (Berkeley)

    • University of New Mexico 

    • Harwood Foundation (Albuquerque NM)  

    • Princeton University

  • Stanford University, M.D., 1972 

  • Princeton University, A.B., 1967





  • Reflect/Spirit/Light at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA


Group Shows, Juried or Curated:


  • Blessed Unrest at Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA. Juried by Jack Fischer of Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco


  • Crossing The Divide, at Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA, Juried by Donna Seager of Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA


  • Fragments at ARC Gallery, San Francisco, Juried by Jan Tough, Jan Tough Gallery, Santa Fe

  • Out of the Box, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, CA

  • California Open, 15th Annual National Competition, TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Juried by Kate Mothes, Curator of Young Space, and Dovetail Magazine

  • Some Speechless Thing (Part II of Annual Members Show) at Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, Selected from Part I open submissions by Griff Williams, Gallery 16, San Francisco 


  • The Naked Print at Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Providence, RI, Juried by Stephen Fisher, Professor, Art Department, Rhode Island College, Providence

  • Art + Movement at Gearbox Gallery, Oakland, CA, Juried by Maria Porges, Artist, Writer, Faculty member, California College of the Arts, San Francisco


  • Caught in the Fray, 14th Annual Textiles Exhibition, at College Street Gallery, Oakland, CA, Curated by Josh Faught, California College of the Arts

  • CCA MFA Show at Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco, CA

  • Wave-Forms at Embark Gallery, Oakland, CA, Juried by Leila Grothe, Assoc Curator, Wattis Institute, San Francisco and Baltimore Museum of Art


  • Making Thinking at Hubble Street Gallery, San Francisco, Curated by Shaun O’Dell, California College of the Arts 

  • 5th Annual Juried Art Show at the Piedmont Center for the Art Piedmont, CA


  • Krowsworkers/FARM at Krowswork Gallery, Oakland CA, Curated by Jasmine Moorhead


  • Drawn to Line at UCBX Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  • Collect! at Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA


  • Studio Visit (a print periodical) Vol.48, pp 62-65 (2021)  

Artist Statement

Welcome to My Website!

I am inspired by how, in nature, simple, repetitive units form complex, often networked, and even biomorphic structures. Intricate geometric forms and patterns are my starting points in exploring such processes. Appearances of and references to spatiality highlight the constructed nature of perception.

I like to incorporate unusual materials and have developed unique, multistep processes. The discovery of surprising and unfamiliar beauty guises is the central objective.  


I hope you find this work visually rewarding and conceptually intriguing.

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