Platonic "Gems":

Tetrahedra, octohedra, dodecahedra and icosahedra:


Installable different ways; I like the two parts to relate to one another but off-kilter:

Overall dimensions may vary with installation. 

At one level, the objects I refer to as “Reflect/Spirit/Light” (R/S/L) function as geometric abstractions that incorporate fluid imagery and color. Importantly they elicit startling illusions of volume, space, and transparency. Activated only by immediately present, embodied viewers, R/S/L objects elicit experiences rather than serving as pictorial windows.   To see how these are experienced, please visit the Installation Views page 

Process entails macro-photography of optically clear models of Platonic solids posed, with varied lighting, on photographs of other of my art objects, or refracted light, or other inspirations.  Using the photos,  I pursue laser cutting to shape of the isolated forms, of mirrored acrylic sheet.  Pigments are applied by a large UV-curing flat-bed printer. Some pieces in this series are also painted, etched, collaged or thermoformed.

Copyright 2014-2020 Laurence Elias.  All rights reserved

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