Free Hanging:


On Supports


I have been fascinated by string for many years.  It is ordinary, and quintessentially linear, yet has actual weight and volume. Despite obvious differences, the hands-on and low-tech practice I refer to as  "String/Rope/Cord" (S/R/C) has much in common with R/S/L.  In fact, I frequently combine these two approaches in single pieces.  Both of these start with a geometric premise that mutates into more fluid visions.  R/S/L presents illusions of volume posed by flat objects, while S/R/C contrasts apparent overall flatness with actual 3-dimensionality arising from the layering of the see-through, openly woven grids.    S/R/C thereby investigates the transformation of the geometric into organic and networked structures. One flows into the other, and back again. 

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