At one level, the Reflect/Spirit/Light objects function as intricate geometric abstractions, oddly incorporating fluid imagery and color. These objects elicit experiences rather than serving as pictorial “windows”: Their specific shapes, reflectivity, mounting, and cast shadows generate robust illusions of transparent/reflective three-dimensional forms, activated only by immediately present, embodied viewers

Initial apprehension of these art objects as volumetric forms precede an understanding of their actual structure.    This discontinuity may be uncomfortable but quickly resolves into more pleasurable, even sublime, feelings.  The discontinuity is an unusual moment of awareness of our minds at work as it constructs our reality from raw sensory information.  For a moment, consciousness here uncannily observes consciousness.

My process entails macro-photography of optically clear models of platonic solids posed on photographs or materials.  The chosen images are the basis for laser cutting of mirrored acrylic sheet, followed by archival, digital printing. Some pieces are also painted, collaged, or etched.   I construct and fasten backings and custom receptacles for the artist-designed mounting fixtures that enable slanted display inches off the wall.


Beyond overall “aesthetic" values and despite apparent material differences, String/Rope/Cord has much in common with Reflect/Spirit/Light.  Both of these start with a geometric premise (3D Platonic solids vs. 2D “the grid”), which I proceed to “mess with."  String/Rope/Cord, in particular, explores the transformation of geometric form into an organic and networked structure.  One flows into the other, but not necessarily in one direction.  Instead, there is a close interrelationship; the startling complexity of nature arises from repetition, with variation, of simpler building blocks.  With death and decay of organisms as well as entropic forces that all structures are subject to, there is inevitably a reversal: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” 


And just as Reflect/Spirit/Light presents illusions of volume posed by flat objects, works in  String/Rope/Cord may give an initial confusion between material flatness and apparent 3-dimensionality.   The very use of string and rope to render lines presents a conundrum since such material has its own material weight and volume. The important thing is to experience moments of apparent spatial disarray as grounding us in living awareness of our own perceptual processes.  

Copyright 2014-2020 Laurence Elias.  All rights reserved

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