My object as an artist is to create visually gratifying work, at or near to the sublime, and conveying multiple layers of meaning and experience. I am inspired how in nature, small units form complex and beautiful, often networked, and even biomorphic, structures.  I utilize geometric forms and patterns as starting points in representing this process.  This aligns nicely with Plato's supposition that his eponymous solids (which I use) were the units of all substances and objects.  I am also interested in perception and light as it is reflected, refracted and changing.  


I like to work in several media but that which I refer to as Reflect/Spirit/Light (or R/S/L) is my principle practice.  These objects start with photographs of patterns, including images from nature, which I re-photograph through transparent models of one of the five Platonic solids.  The gleaming intricacy of R/S/L objects are realized by archival printing on laser cut pieces of acrylic sheet.  I engrave or paint over some of these or assemble two or three shaped sheets into wall sculptures. 


Viewers of  R/S/L pieces often go back and forth between frontal and side views, surprised at their robust volumetric appearance versus their actual flatness. Such contrasts are multiplied in the assembled pieces, which present many conflicting spatial cues.  This art is experiential, impossible to fully apprehend from stationary pictures.   




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