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Although each piece stands well alone, I really like the effect of grouping them unconventionally. This exhibition format emphasizes the volumetric sense of each object, and itself becomes an aesthetic element.  

Some Speechless Thing
at Berkeley Art Center
Reflect/Spirit/Light at Sebastapol Center for the Arts
Wave Forms at Embark Gallery
Private Residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Welcome to My Website!

I am inspired by how, in nature, simple, repetitive units form complex, often networked, and even biomorphic structures. Intricate geometric forms and patterns are my starting points in exploring such processes. Appearances of and references to spatiality highlight the constructed nature of perception.

I like to incorporate unusual materials and have developed unique, multistep processes. The discovery of surprising and unfamiliar beauty guises is the central objective.  


I hope you find this work visually rewarding and conceptually intriguing.

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